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Our Passion for XC Soaring is Results Oriented

Soaring pilots have unique opportunities as members of Cu Nim. Our passion for cross-country soaring and pilot development are paying off! Members join a supportive group of mentors and colleagues, and have unmatched opportunities to explore Canada’s most diverse soaring terrain!

Cross country performance at Cu Nim continues to evolve, despite strong challenges through the 2020 OLC Season. Recent season successes were assisted by long distance winter wave flying that was restricted by a snow covered airfield that was not cleared by Chinook, or plow. COVID-19 delayed the start of the flying season, impacting our results with peak XC season for Cu Nim in May and June.

Cu Nim Proving Ground Map

While our XC performance in 2020 was not as hoped, instructors and eager members made great progress with eyes toward the Proving Grounds and OLC XC contributions in the future.

As a club, we support XC development with an innovative program pioneered at Cu Nim, called the ‘Proving Grounds‘ with defined triangles which build on themselves to introduce the challenge and ease of XC soaring to novice pilots.

Fly with us – further, faster, for more fun!

2021 OLC Club Performance.

Visiting Pilots to CEH2

  • When overflying, please avoid the CYA 263(S) Advisory Airspace when operations are underway. The possibly many, small, difficult to see sailplanes will have erratic flight patterns. Please attempt to contact us on radio frequency 123.4 MHz to determine if we are operating.
  • Powered aircraft are welcome to utilize the Cu Nim airfield at their own risk. The runways are grass and have irregular surfaces, with badgers making large holes in inopportune locations (backfilled by Cu Nim club members on a regular basis during the flying season). Please contact us at 123.4 MHz well in advance of landing. No winter maintenance.
  • Runway 07/25
    • Preferred runway for most Cu Nim operations
    • 3000′ x 300′ turf
    • Slight upgrade on 25
  • Runway 14/32
    • 2300′ x 200 turf
    • Slight upgrade on 32
  • No services on site
  • Airport information

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