Introductory flights

Let’s Go Gliding!

Fly with Cu Nim as a guest for the experience of a lifetime!

Thumbs up after an enjoyable flight

Your first glider flight (or first in a while) can be peaceful and serene, providing an awe-inspiring new perspective on our home. Take in a breathtaking view of the Rockies, gain a new appreciation of the foothills, smile back at the Calgary skyline to the North, and admire the transition to the endlessness of the prairies!

Gliding is always the most beautiful way to se the world, it happens to be especially spectacular when you’re gliding here in Southern Alberta!

A more adventurous guest might enjoy the thrill of slicing through the atmosphere at 150km/hour, climbing 10 feet per second in a thermal, or testing your stomach with some light aerobatics! If you’re interested, we can coach you through your first few moments of piloting!

It’s better than you can imagine.

Getting Started

  • Interested? See below for limitations (weight, height, and age)
  • Purchase your flight through our Square Site
  • When you’re ready to redeem, book a time to fly from our Square Appointment Manager
  • For any questions or to share the name you’d like on the flight voucher please contact:¬†or use the contact form below
  • First Experience Flight price: $ 175+GST for a 3000′ tow with a licensed pilot. Flight duration is between 20 and 40 minutes
  • No returns except under exceptional circumstances.

You’re going flying but this is not your typical airport – our runway is grass and our aircraft are silent – please pay close attention to instructions from members to stay safe!

Come with family and friends! Arrive with a friendly attitude and a bit of patience, and you’re bound to have an incredible experience. as our volunteers share their love of soaring with you or a loved one.

Purchase online then, when it’s time, schedule your timeslot
Contact us if you have any questions:

    What you need to know:

    • Weight limits: The max passenger weight is 242 lbs (110 kg) including all clothing. This is a safety limit, no exceptions.
    • Age/height limits: As long as the passenger is comfortable we’re happy to fly them. As a rough rule of thumb, we’d recommend age 10 or older. Below 4′ in height, outwards visibility will be limited.
    • Mobility challenged: We can accommodate passengers (and pilots) with mobility challenges. Our training glider can be equipped with hand controls.