Intro-flight Frequently Asked Questions:

You should typically expect to fly for 20 – 40 minutes on your flight. Flight time will vary depending on the weather conditions.

Make sure to bring (and wear) sunscreen, water bottle , a hat,  short or pants (no dresses or skirts)  a camera and a smile!  We would also recommend closed-toe shoes.

We don’t really have an age requirement (It’s rather height and weight). Below 4′ in height outside visibility will be reduced. We would recommend age 10 and older.

The max passenger weight is 242 lbs (110 kg) including all clothing and a parachute (8 lbs).  This is a safety limit, no exceptions.

DSLR cameras are not permitted in the cockpit, but your more than welcome to bring then to the field.  Guests are encouraged to enjoy the flight through their eyes as looking through a shutter, or phone screen increases the risk of nausea. It is critical that the use of any camera device is under control at all times to prevent it from contacting the glider canopy. The pilot may ask that cameras be stowed if they feel it’s not sufficiently under control.

Training/New Member Frequently Asked Questions:

If you can commit to flying at the club on at least a weekly basis, our students typically solo in 30-50 flights although some students can take considerably longer.

It will take at least another 30 flights to complete your licence after solo. you will also need to study for/book your TC written exam, and prepare for your flight test.

It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate, however past stick + rudder skills will speed up the process.