Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly!

Learn to Soar in 2020!

If you’ve been wondering if gliding is the sport for you, join us for a fun and informative introduction to the sport of soaring. More details here.

Interested? Great!        Intimidated? Don’t be!

You can do it, and we’re here to help!

Gliding is one of the most accessible forms of aviation. A keen interest, some dedication, and a modest investment are all that’s required to earn a license to explore the sky. All-in, a first-year student should expect to spend between $2800 and $3600 for the season. This includes everything: membership, aircraft rental, 30 to 50 tows, and instruction (always free)!

Typical fees for a new student:

  • $650 – Member fee
  • $850 – Club glider rental
  • $80 – Soaring Association of Canada fee
  • $25 – Student Training Manual
  • $40 per tow

Check out our 2020 Membership Application for more detail

Annual costs tend to decrease with experience.  Flight durations increase, the number of tows decrease, and flying opportunities present themselves through flying guests or instructing.

For young pilots, learning tends to happen faster (fewer flights to solo) and membership fees are discounted – we’re happy to help you with scholarship and bursary opportunities to make soaring even more affordable!

Not sure if this is for you? Try an introductory flight. If you decide to join within 30 days of your flight we’ll give you a $100 credit.

Thinking of joining but not sure where to start? Show up at the field to see the operation, talk with some members and start working on a specific plan for you. To be sure we are operating on a particular day, you may want to ask our intro coordinator at introflight@cunim.org, and/or look for operational updates on our Facebook Page.

Ready to join? Drop by and we can get you signed up and scheduled for instruction. If you pre-arrange through introflight@cunim.org you can be flying and learning on your first day!

What to expect as a student

Expect to be challenged each and every flight! Do you remember learning to drive? Learning a complex video game? Learning a new sport? At first, it seems overwhelming – everything is happening so quickly, there is so much to take in, layer upon layer of new things to discover. Then, as your skills develop, time seems to slow down, and what seemed impossible just a couple of flights ago seems manageable, then easy.

Right from the first flight, you will be in control of portions of the flight. As you improve, your instructor will have you fly more and more, will challenge you, and will test your decision-making ability. Once flying yourself, there are no breaks. Effective pilots are always thinking ahead – direction, clouds, time of day, wind, etc.

You will make friends with other pilots and students. Gliding is a communal sport, every student has at minimum an instructor, a wing runner, and a tow pilot, all working together to make the flights happen. The shared interest and experience makes for great community. Besides, it’s hard to complete a flight without a big grin!

Learning through soaring never ends. Pilots such as Neil Armstrong fly into their  90’s because there is always something to learn.  From putting polish on flying fundamentals to going further, flying faster, and climbing more efficiently – the learning never stops. Unlike some other forms of recreational flying, soaring requires engaged pilots through the entire flight, and no worthwhile flight is ever routine.

Join us today, and start a lifetime of learning to fly!

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Power pilot looking for something new?

We have many power pilots – professional and private – who enjoy the diverse challenges and thrills of gliding. As a power pilot, the addition of a glider license will be more rapid. The cost of the endorsement will depend on the number of flights required to satisfy Transport Canada requirements. Full license will generally take around 25 flights.

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Get back to the basics!

Expectations of Members

Like most gliding clubs around the world, Cu Nim is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. All members are expected to contribute the club to keep it operational. This can range from mowing the runways, managing the flying operation, general clean up, instruction or towing. There’s always lots to do, and many opportunities to contribute your professional skills to the betterment of the club.

As students, the primary expectation is that you dedicate your time to learning. Our instructors are motivated by your enthusiasm and effort!

Consider your first solo at Cu Nim, or your first solo in a while!